Past Projects

In March of 2016, Little Acts of Love worked with local sponsors and volunteers to renovate the home of a local armed forces veteran.  Volunteer contractors and teens worked to replace flooring, widen doors, install stairs chair lifts, and renovate the Bathroom for easier access and use.

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Thank you to our Sponsors including Home Depot and many other great community partners!


Getting started with demolition, then right to work!







Welcome Home!



In 2011, Little Acts of Love’s first team project was a wall build at Barbey Playground along Schuylkill Avenue. 8 adults and 55 teens worked hard to replace a wood retaining wall with a block one.You can check out the full featured article at The Reading Eagle.






In July of 2011, 55 youth and volunteer workers scraped latex paint from a Reading woman’s decrepit fence. This project was part of a week long ministry focused on simple home repairs in the city of Reading. You can check out the full-featured article at The Reading Eagle.

Eddie is a quadriplegic that was having trouble entering and exiting his home. This was because the original ramp was not adequately supported and required him to make 2 turns. Thank you to the West Lawn UMC Helping Hands group that adopted this project and funded the materials.



Little Acts of love was selected as a Lowe’s Hometown Hero by the Reading store. The world of a disabled child was significantly improved by the dedication of twenty-five Lowe’s volunteers who worked 24 hours in two days.  Through their dedication, the child now has a room that meets the needs of his abilities and a safe place to spend his summer days. DSCN4585